In order to facilitate healing, recovery, and promote the social and emotional well being of children, youth, and families who have experienced trauma, Sea haven provides emergency stabilization and long-term services. Getaway services are provided for runaway/homeless youth and youth at risk of running away, by offering temporary emergency shelter, food, clothing, individual/family counseling, case management, referrals for appropriate services, independent/permanent housing, permanency planning/aftercare.

“To improve the overall wellbeing and safety of homeless forgotten youth ages 13-21
by extending a helping hand to those youth whose lives may be in disarray.
We believe through positive interventions these opportunities may not otherwise be available.”


Congress first passed the Runaway Youth Act, a federal law to respond to the crisis of runaway youth in America, in 1974. Policy makers recognized that children who ran away from home often did so because of severe family dysfunction, frequently marked by violence, abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, and rejection. RHYA provides federal funding for community based housing and critical services for homeless youth instead of criminalizing and incarcerating minors who run away or are ejected from their homes.

Sea Haven Promises To:

• Challenge bias and hateful statements
• Call youth by their name and pronouns of their choice
• Accept everyone where they are
• Not make assumptions
• Value everyone
• Never discriminate against anyone

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