The Relatives was founded in 1974 by members of the Dilworth Methodist Church and first operated in the basement of the church. Legend has it that after a short time operating without a name, its founders asked the youth who were staying there what would be a good name. They suggested The Relatives, because they said they were telling their friends they were staying “with relatives.” Seemed logical, so the name stuck.

After the program outgrew the church property, it moved to a home on East Boulevard where it continued operating until the mid-1980s when it opened in its current location at 1100 East Boulevard.

The Relatives expanded into other programs for a while and changed its name briefly to YouthNetwork and the shelter was called the YouthNetwork Crisis Shelter. After YouthNetwork became part of Alexander Youth Network in 2003, Alexander brought back the much-beloved name. In 2004, the name of the program was changed back to The Relatives.

The Relatives and Alexander Youth Network are both 501(c)(3) North Carolina nonprofit corporations and are accredited by the Joint Commission. Accreditation assures those we help that programs comply with strict standards to ensure they are safe and effective.

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